Motel Project

I had an idea a few months ago, maybe a year ago, that I should like to tell a story about the hotel/motel phenomenon that existed here in Toronto (and most of North America) through the 20th century. These motels, Motor Hotels, are disappearing at a rapid pace and a bit of our history is being lost. 

But what is the story I want to tell? I know I do not want to document these places in any kind of journalistic way. I don't need to delve into detailed histories. I would rather tell a couple or a few stories that somehow bring to life real or imagined stories of people affected in some way by these motels.

I let this idea percolate in my mind for a few months. Then, with the help of a couple of friends, I took a stab at what I thought I might want to do. After two shoots in a couple of local motels, I was not happy. This was not what I was hoping to create. At least I thought not. I love many of the images I created. My (model) friends were wonderful in trying to capture some of the emotions and ideas I had. But the results were not quite what I had in mind. 

I decided to shelve the idea. At least for now. I still think this is something worth pursuing. I doubt I'm the first to think of it and maybe it will be someone else who will do this, maybe better than I will? Maybe not. I will try again, but I need to think and write and plan a little more first. 

Many thanks to my friend Olya Glotka for helping with this series.

Larry WilliamsonComment