Experiments with Dance

I am always open to exploring, experimenting and collaborating. I find my creativity boosted (freer?) when I am doing the exploration with someone else who is also creative. It seems all my best work or the work I am most happy with is the result of having collaborated with someone else.

A short while ago I started to get serious with trying more multiple exposure work. I've tried a number of different in-camera techniques. I had some good success while doing this with a couple of friends modelling for me and I learned a lot about the strengths and limits of various methods I could use. So I seemed well versed in the technical challenges when Alina came by for an afternoon.

Alina and I had already been experimenting with a different way of lighting (I posted about this a few weeks back) so when we got to working on my multiple exposure idea, our creative juices were flowing quite freely.





Alina had so many great ideas of how to move and what might look interesting. We played around with many poses and sequences. Here is a small sample of some of our favourites. I have more to share but I think I'll put them in a full "Story" on my main page in the next day or two. For now, this blog posting might be a fun little teaser.


Anyone who looks closely at the images will likely see some strange details. These are artifacts of doing in-camera multiple exposures - at least doing them the way I have. It's especially strange (or interesting?) when body parts overlap from one exposure to the next. Personally, I love these crazy juxtapositions of unexpected body parts. I hope they are not distractions for everyone else.