about larry

I love light. I love faces. I love people and places. And I love to create images of just about everything.

I am really just a layabout, a would be (wannabe) artist. I use a camera to create images that please me. I hope some of these images please you too. I don't mean to be cavalier nor indifferent - I am motivated by my own needs and not those of the viewer. 

Much of my work is for sale. If you see something you fancy, please get in touch.

I am always available for collaborative projects or for commissions. If you have a special project or a particular request, please do not hesitate to ask me about it. I am always eager to collaborate on a new idea.

Artist Statement

In my photographic body of work, I attempt to capture or represent the essence of light, shadow and form. My compositions tend to focus on details of shape and pattern to encourage us to see things in a new way. The play of light and pattern are focal elements within my work. After completing my series on derelict industrial space, I found I was drawn to the simpler lines and shapes of the human form. But I have sought to tease the viewer to find new ways of seeing the familiar.

Artist Biography

Larry Williamson has been a passionate photographer for most of his life. In recent years his enthusiasm for his art has found a new energy with many pent-up ideas fuelling his creations. After achieving some success with his portrayal of the harshness of decaying derelict industrial spaces, he has now turned to the delicacy and beauty of the human form. He is developing a body of work exploring the human body in new and unusual ways, teasing the viewer to see the familiar for the first time.



Hard Labour, CONTACT Photography Festival, Great Escape Bookshop May 1-31
Kingston Rd. Art Show, June, Toronto
Bampot Bohemian Teahouse, March-June, 201 Harbord St. Toronto
Bampot Bohemian Teahouse,Sept-Dec, 201 Harbord St. Toronto


Yellow House Gallery, November-December, Kingston Rd. Toronto
Cobalt Gallery, November-on going, Kingston Rd. Toronto
Kingston Rd. Art Show, June, Toronto
Madhus Cafe, January-April, Kingston Rd. Toronto


Kingston Rd. Art Show, June-August, Kingston Rd. Toronto
Hard Labour, August 1-28, Kitchener Public Library, Main Branch, Queen St. N.


Sharp Intake, May-June, Gallery M, Galt/Cambridge


Encore, April-July, WalterFedy, Kitchener
CAPTURED, December 2011-February, WalterFedy, Kitchener


BOX-11, November 2011, Rumpel Felt Factory, Kitchener

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Social Media

Other sites where you will find some of my work

500px : Mainly portraits
Tumblr : Many experimental images. Random photographic ideas. An idea journal. (occasionally NSFW) 
Flickr : Random images and ideas. (occasionally NSFW) 
Facebook : Not so much happens here